Welcome to Deep South Technologies, this is where we start connecting you to the world. Deep South Technologies is a group of companies that have come together to accommodate the high requirements of our clients, ranging from SME’s to government run organizations. No matter the need, our highly trained staff are outfitted to handle any IT related inquiry.

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Deepsouth's future vision is to be one of Cape Town's most admired IT companies. Our commitment to the industry is driven by our passion, while we remain focused on our core business.

We display intuitive innovation and courage in leading the way through the introduction of new technologies and methods to ensure continued growth for Deepsouth. This will ensure that we are the preferred IT Company for our existing clients and future clients.


About Us

Deep South started in 2010 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our aim, as highly skilled IT engineers, is to provide ongoing management and support for corporate desktops, servers and networking infrastructures.
This allows you, the customer, to focus on your own productivity, comfortable in the knowledge that the organization and maintenance of your IT equipment is assured.
We strive to push the leading edge of the IT industry.
Our inspiration stems from the ongoing drive to provide an excellent personal and professional service that drives us to be second to none.

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